Nikon D7000 + 50mm | f/1.6, 1/400, ISO 200 | Available light | Convert to Black & White


In portrait photography, we have to choose a suitable background to get a good effect between the background and the subject. In this case we do not need a very nice place such as a nice garden or shoot in a studio with selected fake canvas background.

This picture was taken somewhere nearby my sister in law’s residence that actually is not considered as a good landscape. The background of this picture is an abandoned badminton court covered with full of dead leaves on top of it. It is very nice actually. You can see the picture below that shows the location where this picture was taken. 

In this case, I just need to choose a correct natural background with a correct angle, plus a "BOKEH" effect from my little Nikon 50mm f/1.4. I chose to shoot from high angle with the subject looking up directly to the camera. I was lucky to get this moment with only one shot.

In capturing pictures, always bear in mind that all elements around us can be used to produce the art of the photograph. In the editing process, I just converted the picture into Black and White effect to make it more interesting.


Original Picture | Saqif Musyrif



Location of the photoshoot